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Crazy Noodle

15 Jan

Today we tried a new restaurant on Madison Avenue called Crazy Noodle.  It’s right next to Kwik Chek, a midtown Memphis staple that has amazing Falafel, Gyros, Bi Bim Bop and Muffulettas.  I was excited to try this place because I’ve been hurtin’ for some good noodles since we left Asheville.  Luckily, Crazy Noodle didn’t let us down.


I ordered the Veggie Noodle Soup and it was DELICIOUS!  The vegetable broth is so spicy and it’s full of noodles, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and yummy potatoes.  I was very pleasantly surprised because the menu description doesn’t mention that it’s spicy.  It just says “vegetable broth” so I was scared it would be a bland, normal vegetable soup in a plain broth.  Not at all, as you can see below.


Jeremy got the chicken noodle soup, which looked similar but he said had a totally different flavor.  Both were less than $10.  They had plenty of other vegetarian options on the menu, including a yummy looking wheat noodle dish that had kim chee and turnips, and a sweet potato side dish that I have to try.

When we went the place seemed to be working out some kinks. The server was nice, but it took a while to get our food, and it noticeably wasn’t just a problem with our table, so I wouldn’t recommend going if you’re in a rush.  However, the wait was so worth it and I’m already craving more of that spicy deliciousness.

Crazy Noodle
2015 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-0298

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