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Neo Burrito – (Asheville, Biltmore Park)

21 Aug

Local restaurant Neo Burrito recently opened a location in Biltmore Park near the Regal Movie Theater.  A burrito place is an excellent addition to the area, and being huge Mexican food fans, Jeremy and I have been there several times already.  The atmosphere is great at Neo Burrito, which devotes a lot of time making sure that their operation is as green and local as possible.  The location at Biltmore Park is growing peppers outside around their patio, and the inside is covered with hanging ferns.  I love how it looks in there!

There are so. many. options.  If you can’t find something to eat here you must just not like food.  There are tons of vegetarian options, meaty options, veggies, sauces, combinations, side dishes, and salsas.  Even breakfast burritos!  And ninja sauce!

I got a basic burrito with black beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, and guacamole.  The staff was nice, and the girl preparing my burrito didn’t even balk when I asked specifically for three jalapenos.  There’s a large drink and beer selection, and a salsa bar is available with six or so different salsas.

Look at all those chips!

The pineapple salsa is my favorite!

My burrito was delicious and had perfect proportions.  Some places wrap their burritos incorrectly so that each bite you get a big chunk of guacamole, next sour cream, next beans (think a seven layer burrito at Taco Bell).  Not so at Neo!  And the chips are fried in house and delicious.  The only thing that I didn’t enjoy at Neo was a couple of the salsas on the bar.  The verde was watery and had almost no flavor.  I like super garlicy, strong salsas, and the ones on the bar that day had very little seasoning.  Maybe it was an off day, maybe they like to keep it basic in case people have sensitive palates.   For dessert I got a habanero brownie, which was crumbly and delicious!

If you’re in Biltmore Park and need a meal, I highly suggest checking out local restaurant Neo Burrito!  Quick, delicious, affordable, something to please everyone, and it couldn’t be more conveniently located. (I’m sure the other locations are great too, but I haven’t been there!)


**Disclaimer:  I know some of the owners/business partners of Neo Burrito.  I promise this did not affect my review in any way.**


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