Rock’n Dough Pizza Co.

16 Feb image_6

Rock’n Dough Pizza Co., has been a much-loved food truck in Memphis for awhile, but now they also have a storefront in East Memphis.

I went for the first time today for lunch, and it was amazeballs!  I almost wish they’d opened a place farther from my workplace, because my metabolism isn’t what it used to be, and it’s dangerous to know that on a daily basis I’m less than a five minute drive from their delicious pizza. According to their facebook, the pizza is cooked on pizza stones heated to a ridiculous 700 degrees, and hickory wood is used to give the pizza a distinct Memphis flavor.   The inside is very red and cute, and if everyone thinks they’re as awesome as I do they’ll need to expand soon, because there are only about seven tables for dine-in customers.


I opted to go with the house favorite – the Margherita pizza, and a farmer’s market salad.  The staff was incredibly friendly, happy to explain what was in everything, and wore hilarious shirts with giant pizzas on them.  After I’d ordered, I was directed by the nice pizza man to tell his momma who was working the register what I had ordered so I could pay and get my drink.

Less than 7 minutes after I sat down my food was delivered, and it was a beauty to behold!  The pizza was extra saucy and had olive oil drizzled over it, and also plenty of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.  I’m not usually a pizza crust eater.  I’d rather save more room for cheesy goodness, but the crust on this pizza was so chewy delicious that I ate it all, and that’s definitely not something I do very often. The salad was lovingly prepared with fresh red and yellow bell pepper, spring mix, english cucumber, and yellow and red grape tomatoes with a housemade vinaigrette.  And as you can see, the one slice I ordered was really two!  All this, drink included, was only $9.83 before tip!

Rock'N Dough Pizza Co.When I was ordering I was told that soon the menu will be expanding to include sandwiches, and there were several interesting looking pizzas on the menu like the Bacon Cheeseburger pie.


Definitely visit Rock’n Dough and give them your money.  They’re a local company putting out fresh, delicious, affordable food with a Memphis twist in a friendly atmosphere.  Hey guys, do you plan on getting beer anytime soon?  It would be pretty epic to sneak away from the office for a slice and a Ghost River at lunch.

1243 Ridgeway Road
Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: 901-435-6238

MemFix Cleveland Street & Pezz

11 Nov MemFix Banner on Sears Crosstown Building

Yesterday we attended MemFix Cleveland Street, a festival that’s part of a series of events by  Innovate Memphis designed to “rethink and activate streets, vacant storefronts and test drive new neighborhoods in Memphis.”  There were food trucks, demonstrations, pop-up shops, vendors, bands, a hula hoop clinic, bike valet, and new (temporary) cross-walks and bike lanes.  We showed up in time to see Memphis punk band Pezz play on the loading dock of the abandoned Sears building, got some food, checked out the thrift stores, took our first Amurica Photo Booth photo, and watched a demonstration by a blacksmith from the Metal Museum.  Here are a few photos:

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Favorite Gonerfest Photos

30 Oct

Gonerfest 9 was September 27 – 30, and as always, it was the best weekend of the year.  I always focus more on having fun than taking photos (especially since there are already so many photographers there that eclipse my own skill), but I did get a few shots I was happy with in between all the partying!

The top two were shot on Delta 3200 black and white film on my Olympus OM-1. I was extra happy that some of those turned out! Shooting on film in the dark Hi Tone is no joke!

A few more shots are on my flickr.  I’m already looking forward to Gonerfest 10!!!







One Year in Memphis

10 Sep

August 2012 marked my one year anniversary of moving to Memphis!  Growing up and going to college less than two hours away, Memphis was the closest place to see shows and get away from farmland for a little bit, so it’s always been familiar to me.   In 8th grade I attended my first concert at Beale Street Music Festival to see The Wallflowers.  I had to be home by midnight so they were the only band I got to see.  In high school my maladjusted friends and I would skip prom every year to play in the mud and rain at Music Fest, staying in cheap hotels across the river in West Memphis, getting overly excited crossing the bridge, and having more fun seeing dozens of bands than we ever could at a high school dance.  

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The Oblivians – July 30, 2012

5 Aug

Here’s a few shots from The Oblivians show at the Hi Tone on July 30, 2012.  More can be found on my flickr here.

Greg Cartwright!


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Aldo’s Pizza Pies – Memphis

2 Aug

Today we tried Aldo’s Pizza Pies, a new restaurant on South Main Street in downtown Memphis.  It’s apparently owned by the same people who own Bar Dog (a place I love) and Slider Inn, both Memphis favorites, so expectations are high and people have been buzzing about it since it was first announced.

The restaurant is gorgeous with lots of stained hardwood and high ceilings.  They have specialty pizzas, pizza by the slice, lunch specials, and build your own pizza, as well as appetizers, salads, and (after their official opening) sandwiches.

We ordered a jalapeno and pineapple pizza from the build your own menu.  It’s one of our standards and our waitress told us the chef said it was one of the best combos he’s seen.  The pizza was delicious and the crust was chewy and not too crispy.  I can’t wait to try some of the specialty pizzas! Look at that cheesy deliciousness! (Beware though, those jalapenos are HOT!)



The restaurant is currently in a soft-opening, but was already packed, even on a Wednesday.  The patio has fans and misters, so it should be an awesome place for evening drinks, even on sweaty summer days.  The atmosphere is fun, the staff is attentive, the lunch special is cheap, and the beer list is lengthy!

Visit Aldo’s Pizza Pies!  This place is a keeper!

Aldo’s Pizza Pies
100 S. Main Street
Memphis, TN
1 (901) 577-7743



Tanks Record Release Show

9 Jul

I took some photos at the Tanks record release show for their new album, Loud Cloud.  The album is one badass 27 minute long track and is on Fat Sandwich Records.  You can stream it on Spotify here.  If you like it, please buy it!

As for the photos, it was super dark in the venue and there was a projection showing on a white sheet behind the band.  I was shooting between 1000 and 3200 and only got a few decent shots.  Unfortunately the drummer was completely in the dark and I didn’t get a good one of him.  Sorry, drummer!  Here’s a few, and the rest are here on my flickr.





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